Community Project Funding

The Manawatu River Accord grants programme is an opportunity for the community to engage positively and constructively in addressing water quality issues in the Manawatu catchment. Community groups will be able to access resources that will enable them to complete projects that will assist in achieving the goals of the Manawatu River Accord.

Our Vision

The goal of the Manawatu River Accord is to improve the Manawatu River, the mauri (lifeforce) of the Manawatu River Catchment, such that it sustains fish species, and is suitable for contact recreation, in balance with the social, cultural and economic activities of the catchment community.

There is already a lot of work underway by signatories to the Accord but we want to capture the ideas and energy of other groups in the community.

Our Manawatu River Accord grants programme is designed to support community-led projects that will help us achieve these goals.

Who can apply?

Non-profit organisations such as community groups, schools, early childhood centres, and iwi/hapu groups are eligible for our grants.

The project must be non-profit making.

To find out more about whether you are eligible to apply for funding and the guidelines set for projects please view our Community Projects Application Form..

Sending in your application:

You can apply online or via email. Please post hardcopy applications to:

Manawatu River Accord Grants Programme

c/o Horizons Regional Council

Private Bag 11025

Manawatu Mail Centre 4442


Applications close 4pm 28 May 2013.

For all enquiries please contact us by phone on 0508 800 800 or email

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