Ngā mātauranga taiao

Environmental Education

There are lots of ways for you to connect your family, tamariki and students to the awa. From formal education programmes to downloadable factsheets, there are a range of resources available to explore in and around the river.

Ko ngā māhita me ngā whānau

Teachers and Whānau Resources

Ngā ika i te awa

Fish in our awa

Here is some brief information about some of our native fish and how the Manawatū River Leaders’ Accord has helped.

Ngā pūnaha hauropi ā awa

River Ecosystems

The ecology of the river refers to the relationships that living organisms have with each other and with their environment – the ecosystem. Check out the Science Learning Hub for a brief overview of river ecosystems.

Ngā ika māori

Native Fish

The NZ Landcare Trust has a range of fish fact sheets available for download in both English and Te Reo

Ngā hātaretare kitea ā wai māori

Freshwater Macroinvertebrates

New Zealand has over 200 species of freshwater macroinvertebrates. An invertebrate is an animal that lacks a backbone. ‘Macro’ means the invertebrates are large enough to be seen without magnification – even though some can be as small as 1 mm in length.  Science Learning Hub is a one stop shop for information about macroinvertebrates

Ngā pikitia karakara

Colouring in sheets of river inhabitants

What lives in our awa? Have fun colouring in different fish and bugs which live in New Zealand’s streams/rivers.

He rauemi mātauranga nā Te Papa Atawhai

The Department of Conservation’s Education Resources

DOC’s education resources have a lots of ideas for exploring the environment, including freshwater card games, a Whio Forever education resource, and habitat heroes – exploring your local stream.

Ngā hōtaka taiao

Education Programmes


Waiora is a hands on journey into our region’s many water sources and their impact on our lives. A Waiora stream study aims to encourage positive involvement in environmental issues by providing opportunities for schools to investigate and plan action based on learning about the environment, for the environment, in the environment. Download the Waiora factsheet to find out more or visit our Waiora project page.


Enviroschools enables children and young people to explore, design, make decisions and take action on issues relevant to them and their communities. A wide range of environmental activities are being under taken in Enviroschools, including waste minimisation, biodiversity restoration, food production and use, water conservation and care, sustainable energy use and eco-building. Download the brochure to see how your school could become an Enviroschool